Welcome to Lancashire Rail Ramblers – Who Are We?

We are a diverse and friendly group of people who enjoy walking in the beautiful and varied countryside of north west England. As our name suggests, we are particularly keen to use public transport to reach our destinations and we have been promoting this idea for over forty-five years. It’s a great way to reach our countryside and our leaders often pass on lots of interesting facts about locations and people during walks.

We are not a walking club as such, we don’t have a membership fee and we are open to all. Our supporters obtain details of our walks from this website or find them in one of our printed leaflets, catch the relevant train from their nearest station and meet at the station from which our walks will begin. One of our leaders will be there to meet the party. Some of our supporters are regulars whilst others are occasional but all are made to feel welcome.

Our activities are co-ordinated by a group of walks’ leaders who are  members of the Ramblers’ Association. Our walks vary in length and difficulty to suit different needs and are graded as follows:

A & B walks:     Strenuous – walks may be rough, steep. lengthy or against the clock

C walks:             Moderate – no scrambling and suitable for experienced walkers

D walks:             Moderately easy – generally an easy walk which may include a steep climb

E walks:               Easy – a slower pace than for moderately easy walks with short rest periods

F, G & H walks:  Easy stroll – suitable for those not accustomed to walking in the countryside

Participants on these guided walks are asked to be aware of and accept the following conditions: Walk leaders will be entitled to refuse permission on a walk if the leader judges the person is not fit or adequately clothed for the walk concerned. Leaders may vary the walk if the conditions are judged to be unsuitable. Walkers’ safety is their own responsibility. No liability or claim can be accepted by Rail Ramblers Committee or leaders for any loss damage, accident or personal injury howsoever caused.

. On most walks stops are made for lunch and/or tea so remember to always bring your own food and drink.

We look forward to seeing you on one of our walks

5 Responses to Welcome to Lancashire Rail Ramblers – Who Are We?

  1. Rod Holt says:

    Really enjoyed my walk with you to Swallow Wood from Broadbottom.


  2. Melissa O’Rourke says:

    Just to Entwistle to Hall in th wood and really enjoyed it. It was my first time and I came alone. I was made to feel really welcome
    So thank you x

  3. Neil Jones says:

    Hello I used to be a regular on the Rail Ramblers between 1983 to the last main one to Stirling May 1990. I wonder if you can help me. Do you have a walk programme for the excursion to Whitehaven April 1987. I have Photos from walk I did but don’t know where they are. It was a wet day I think it was an A walk. Thanks.

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