Rail Rambler Walks’ Programme

A printable copy of our Walks’ Programme for June 2017 to January 2018 can be downloaded from the Community Rail Partnership website and the link is below:



Saturday, October 7th   – Halifax Town & Country

A choice today of a classic moorland walking or an exploration of a town with plenty of interesting history and architecture

The Rocking Stone

C Walk                                     11 miles strenuous

Alight Halifax & return Hebden Bridge

Halifax – Bus to Mount Tabor then Lower Shaw Booth, Reign, Caty Well Bridge, Stone Farm, Plane Trees, Haigh Cote Barn, Cold Edge, Slade, Rocking Stone, Too To Hill, Height Edge, Low Bridge, Catherine House, Wade Bridge, Bank house, Luddenden, Luddunden Foot, Bus to Hebden Bridge

Your leader: Chris Thornley

Halifax Piece Hall

E Walk                                  6 miles easy

Alight & return Halifax

A veritable muck midden. Oh! What a heap. Where Dame Nellie Melba couldn’t sleep. But Halifax deserves better than that. ‘An astonishing manufacturing town with a hundred trades’. An important financial centre festooned with buildings of historical significance. For the Minster, Town and Piece Halls. For the Union Cross and Old Cock Yards. For Crossley’s carpets and Pohlman’s pianos and for the town’s very own liver bird. And of course, Dame Nellie. An afternoon short bus trip up to Southowram alighting for Stony Royd, Siddall Top, the Hebble’s cantilevered walkway, and back into town through the back door! Come.

Leaders: Aidan Turner Bishop/Stuart Leese

Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer OL21 – South Pennines

TRAVEL DETAILS: We will catch the 0811 from Blackpool North which calls at Preston 0836, Blackburn 0855, Accrington 0903, Burnley Manchester Road 0912. Connections to Blackburn from Bamber Bridge 0814, Clitheroe 0825. From Victoria catch the 0916 (Leeds) train. Return from Halifax to Blackpool North at xx40 or to Victoria at xx27 and xx56. Return from Hebden Bridge to Blackpool North at xx53 or to Victoria at xx08, xx17 and xx42 .

Booking Arrangements: Book a day Return to Halifax


SATURDAY 21st October 2017 – Arnside

Lots of good views and autumnal colour on today’s walks

C WALK – 11 miles moderately strenuous

Alight Carnforth & return Arnside

Carnforth – Millhead – Warton Crag Top – Strickland Wood – Piggeries – Yealand Conyers – Leighton Hall Home Farm – Cringlebarrow Wood – Yealand Hall – Yealand Hall Allotment – Hawes Water – Challan Hall Allotment – Leighton Beck Bridge – Leighton House – Slack Head – Fairy Steps – Hazelslack Tower Farm – Arnside Moss – Arnside Station.

Your Leader: Hilary Bell

View from Warton Crag

E WALK – 7.5 miles moderately easy

Alight Silverdale & return Arnside

Silverdale – Fleagarth Wood – Jenny Brown’s Point – Lindeth Tower – Red Rake – Far Arnside – Park Point – New Barns – Arnside.

Your Leader: John Barnes

Jenny Brown’s Point

Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer OL7 – The English Lakes South Eastern Area.

TRAVEL DETAILS: We will catch the 0842 from Preston (to Carlisle) calling Lancaster 0902. Connections to Preston depart Blackpool North 0753, Bolton 0741, Chorley 0803, Colne 0720, Accrington 0751, Blackburn 0805, Bamber Bridge 0820, Clitheroe 0705 (change at Blackburn). Return from Arnside at 1414, 1539, 1559 or 1709
Booking Arrangements: Book a Day Return to Arnside


SATURDAY 4th November 2017 – Chinley

Lots of good Peak District walking on today’s visit with ridges and valleys

C WALK – 11 miles moderately strenuous

Alight Chinley & return Edale

Chinley Churn – Peep-o-Day – South Head – Brown Knoll – Rushup Edge – Mam Tor – Hollins Cross – Edale.

Your Leader: Hilary Bell

Rushup Edge

E WALK – 7 miles easy

Alight Chinley &return New Mills

Cracken Edge – Chinley Churn – Peep-o-Day – Far Phoside – Hayfield – River Sett Trail – New Mills.

Your Leader: Chris Dibbs

Besides the River Sett

Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer OL1 – The Peak District Dark Peak Area

TRAVEL DETAILS: We will meet at Piccadilly and catch the 0949 (Sheffield) train. Connections depart Blackpool North 0753, Preston 0820 or 0847, Chorley 0834, Bolton 0857, Clitheroe 0745 (change at Bolton), Blackburn 0808 or 0834 (change at Bolton, Accrington 0751 or 0821 (change at Blackburn and Bolton). Return from Edale at xx47; from New Mills Central at xx03.

Booking Arrangements: Either book a Day Return to Edale or Chinley depending on the walk you wish to join or, if a holder of a Concessionary Bus Pass, consider buying a Day Return to either Chorley or Darwen and then use a GM Wayfarer (£8) from there. GM Wayfarers can be bought at station booking offices or from the train conductor.


SATURDAY 18th November 2017 – Scorton & Garstang

A surprisingly scenic walking area and not too far to travel at this time of year

B WALK – 12.5 miles strenuous

Alight and return Preston

Preston – Bus to Garstang (Dimples Lane Bonds) – Parkhead Farm – Heald Farm – Calder Vale – C V Church – Stang Yule – Hazlehurst Fell – Calder Fell – Calder Intake – Grizedale Bridge – Scorton Fell Top – Tithe Barn Lane – Scorton – A6 Old Holly Farm – Bus To Preston.

Your Leader: Mike Codd

Scorton Fell

D WALK – 9.5 miles moderately easy

Alight and return Preston

Preston – Bus to Garstang – Wyre Way to Woodacre Hall – Long Crossley Wood – Throstle Nest Farm – Grize Dale – Grize Dale Bridge – Grizedale Lea Reservoir – Barnacre Moor – Lower Cottage – Helbeck Wood – Helbeck Church – Clarkson’s Farm – Parkhead Farm – Greenhalgh Castle Farm – Bonds – Garstang – Bus to Preston.

Your Leader: Nik Grounds

Grizedale Lea Reservoir

Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer OL41 – Forest of Bowland & Ribblesdale

TRAVEL DETAILS: We will catch the 40/41 bus at 0900 from Preston Bus Station. Connections to Preston from Blackpool North at 0753, Bolton 0741, Chorley 0803, Accrington n0751, Blackburn 0805, Bamber Bridge 0820, Clitheroe 0705 (change at Blackburn). Return from Garstang at xx02 and xx32; approx. 10 minutes earlier for the ‘B’ party.

Booking Arrangements: Book a Day Return to Preston. Bus fare extra

Saturday, December 2nd  2017                         Alderley Edge

Cheshire countryside with some hills, woodlands and distant views

C Walk                             11 miles moderate

Alight & return Alderley Edge

Alderley Edge, Fields Farm, Dane Villa, The Old Hall, Acton Farm, Windmill Hill, Hare Hill, Edge House Farm, Alderley Edge

Your leader:  Tessa Rowe

Alderley Edge

E Walk                              8 miles easy

Alight & return Alderley Edge

Alderley Edge, Harden Park, Golf Course, Chorley Hall, Fields Farm, Nether Alderley, Bradford Lane, Finlow Hill, The Edge, Alderley Edge

Your Leader: Pam Smith

Nether Alderley

O.S. Map:  Explorer 268 – Wilmslow, Macclesfield & Congleton

Travel Details: We will meet at Manchester Piccadilly to catch the 09.38 train to Alderley Edge. Connections depart Preston at 08.20 or 08.47, Chorley 08.34, Bolton 08.57, Clitheroe 07.45(change at Bolton), Blackburn 08.08(change at Bolton), Accrington 07.51(change at Blackburn & Bolton). Passengers from the Fylde should check local Rail Replacement Bus timetables for connections.

Return form Alderley Edge at 13 & 50 minutes past each hour

Booking Arrangements: Either book a Day Return to Alderley Edge or check to see if it is cheaper to book a Day Return to either Darwen or Chorley then use a GM Wayfarer from there. GM Wayfarers can be bought at ticket offices or from the train conductor and cost £13 (holders of English Senior Bus Passes £8). NB Definitely cheaper with a Wayfarer if boarding at Preston.

Saturday, December 16th              Wigan Surprises

You are in for some surprises today as we explore the countryside in Wigan’s backyard and between Wigan and Chorley. This is a first for us and will reveal just how the former industrial landscapes of Lancashire have changed in the last fifty years.

C Walk                                          13 miles moderate

Alight Wigan & return Chorley

Wigan North Western, L&L Canal, Disused Railway (Whelley), Batting Wood, Highr Haigh Plantations, Haigh Hall, School Lane, Hampson Green, L&L Canal, Rotary Way, River Douglas, Old School Lane, The Common(Adlington), Park Rd(Adlington), Sandy Lane, Wigan Lane, Coppull Hall Wood, Drybones, Chorley Circular Walk to Drybones Wood, River Yarrow,Saunders Bank, Duxbury Park, Bolton Rd(A6), L&L Canal Towpath to Cowling, Cowling, Eaves Lane, Seymour St, Chorley Sta.

Your leader: Hilary Bell

Drybones Weir, Yarrow Valley

E Walk                                       7.5 miles easy

Alight & return Wigan

L&L Canal, Top Lock, Kirklees Wood, Higher Lane, Haigh Hall, Sennicar Lane, L&L Canal, Haigh Lower Plantation, River Douglas to Water Hayes, Wigan

Your leader: Alan Smith

Haigh Hall

OS Map: Explorer 276 Bolton, Wigan & Warrington & Explorer 285 Southort & Chorley

Travel Details: We will meet at 10.05 outside Wigan North Western Station. From Preston catch the 09.30(Liverpool) train which calls at Euxton Balshaw Lane at 09.40. Connections to Peston depart Accrington at 08.21, Blackburn 08.29, Clitheroe 07.45(change at Blackburn). From Bolton catch the Southport train at 09.46 to Wigan Wallgate and walk across the road to North Western Sta.

Retuen to Preston at 03 miutes past the hour or on frequent express services. To Bolton at 24,45 or 53 minutes past the hour.

Booking Arrangements: Book a Day Return to Wigan



Future Destinations

January 6th, 2018                    Hebden Bridge

January 20th                             Carnforth & Lancaster

February 3rd                              Marple

February 17th                             Sefton Coast

March 3rd                                   New Mills

March 17th                                  Carnforth for Milnthorpe

April  7th                                      Disley/Middlewood

April 21st                                      New Hey

May ( Date to be arranged)      Piel Island

June 5th                                       Greenfield



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