Rail Rambler Walks’ Programme

A printable copy of our Walks’ Programme for June 2016 to January 2017 can be downloaded from the Community Rail Partnership website and the link is below:



Saturday, April 8th   –   Chinley

Another opportunity to enjoy the Peak District’s landscapes

C WALK – 11 miles moderately strenuous

Alight Chinley return Edale

Chinley Churn – Peep-o-Day – South Head – Brown Knoll – Rushup Edge – Mam Tor – Hollins Cross                                 Edale. Leader: Hilary Bell

p1100939mamMam Tor

E WALK – 7 miles easy

Alight Chinley return New Mills

Cracken Edge – Chinley Churn – Peep-o-Day – Far Phoside – Hayfield – River Sett Trail – New Mills.     Leader: Pam Smith

20130618w-chinley-churn-old-quarryChinley Churn

Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer OL1 – The Peak District Dark Peak Area

TRAVEL DETAILS : We will meet at Piccadilly and catch the 0949 (Sheffield) train. Connections depart Blackpool North 0753, Preston 0820 or 0847, Chorley 0834, Bolton 0857, Clitheroe 0745 (change at Bolton), Blackburn 0808 or 0834 (change at Bolton), Accrington 0751 or 0821 (change at Blackburn and Bolton. Return from Edale at xx47 past the hour. Return from New Mills Central at xx03 past the hour.
BOOKING ARRANGEMENTS: Either book a Day Return to New Mills or Edale or book a Day Return to either Chorley or Darwen then also book a Wayfarer Ticket (available from ticket offices or from conductors). This ticket costs £12 (or £6 for age 60+ no proof of age required) and can be used on trains, buses and trams in a wide area of Cheshire, Lancs and Gtr Manchester. NB Check fares from your departing station on National Rail website before ttravel to work out the cheapest option

SATURDAY 22nd April 2017 – Todmorden

Our walks today offer a chance to walk on the South Pennine tops or enjoy a fascinating tour of Todmorden, a classic Pennine town with much of interest around every corner

C WALK – 11 miles strenuous

Alight and return Todmorden

Todmorden Station – Dobroyd Castle – Stones Wood – Gorpley Clough – Inchfield Pasture – Foul Clough Road – Brown Road Farm – Ramsden Wood – Dean Royd Farm – Cat Stones – Pennine Way to Withens Gate – Mankinholes – Mankinholes Tops – Castle Street – Rochdale Canal to Todmorden.

Leader: Tessa Rowe

stoodley_09Withens Gate

E WALK – Town & Country.

Tales told in Tod. 6 miles easy

Alight and return Todmorden

Todmorden, a town set in a dramatic landscape ‘carved from the hills with heart, mind and soul; ‘cotton, co-op and chapel’. For the Cockpit, the Polished Knob and the Temperance Hotel. For the Hidden Hall, the Great Wall and Fielden Square. We’ll go up to the baronial Dobroyd Castle, pass the sturdy Stones House before we come down to Doghouse Lane. We’ll hear about Joan O’th Cloggers wear, the Birdcage scare and the barbaric murder of a maiden fair. And, of course, lots more. Oh! We could have coffee in the Draper’s Store. Come and join us.

Leaders: Stuart Leese/Aidan Turner-Bishop.

todmordenscreen-shot-2016-07-18-at-12-08-25Todmorden Town Hall and  town centre

Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer OL21 – South Pennines

TRAVEL DETAILS: We will catch the 0919 from Blackburn. This train calls Accrington 0928, Burnley Manchester Road 0939. Connections depart Blackpool North 0811, Preston 0836, Clitheroe 0825 (change at Blackburn). From Manchester catch the 0916 from Victoria and wait at Todmorden for the arrival of the train from Blackburn. Return from Todmorden to Blackburn at xx30 past the hour. There is a frequent service to Manchester Victoria

BOOKING ARRANGEMENTS: Either book a Day Return to Todmorden or investigate the possibility of purchasing a Northern Advance Ticket available on-line or from booking offices up to 18.00 the day before travel. With Advance Tickets you have to travel on named trains.

SATURDAY 6th May 2017 – Airedale

A return visit to the less walked side of Airedale above Shipley and Bingley

C WALK – 11miles moderately strenuous

Alight Shipley return Keighley

Shipley – Leeds & Liverpool Canal to Dowley Gap – River Aire to Beck Foot – Ruin Bank Wood – Goitstock Wood – Cow House Farm – Hunter Hill – Ryecroft – Harden Moor – Hog Holes – Park Wood – Keighley Station.

Leader: Chris Thornley

harden-moor-1Harden Moor

E WALK – 8.5 miles moderately easy

Alight Crossflatts return Bingley

Crossflatts – Leeds & Liverpool Canal – Bingley Five Rise Locks – Bingley Church – Altar Lane – Druids Altar – Race Course Plantation – Harden Moor – Ryecroft – Goit Stock Cottages – Millennium Way to Crag Wood – Ruin Bank Wood – Beck Foot and Myrtle Park to Bingley Station.

Leader: Craig Ward

73598602Druids Altar

Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer 288 – Bradford & Huddersfield

TRAVEL DETAILS: We will catch the 0811 from Blackpool North which calls Preston 0836, Blackburn 0855, Accrington 0903, Burnley Manchester Road 0912. Connections from Clitheroe 0825 (change at Blackburn), Bamber Bridge 0814 (change at Blackburn). From Manchester catch the 0848 from Victoria. We will all need to change at Bradford Interchange and walk across the city to Forster Square where the trains towards Skipton for Shipley and Crossflatts depart at xx11 and xx41 past the hour. There are additional trains for Shipley (but not for Crossflatts) at 00/xx16/xx30/xx46 past the hour. Return from Keighley at xx12 and xx44 past the hour, 6 minutes later from Bingley. The Blackpool trains depart Bradford Interchange at xx25. There is a frequent service to Manchester Victoria.
BOOKING ARRANGEMENTS: Book a Day Return to Shipley or Crossflats



June 10th                                 Windermere

July 15th                                   Mytholmroyd/Sowerby Bridge

August 12th                              Glossop

September 23rd                       Millom

October 7th                               Halifax Town & Country

October 21st                             Arnside

November 4th                          New Mills

November 18th                        Scorton/Garstang

December 2nd                          Alderley Edge

December 16th                         Wigan Surprises

January 4th, 2018                    Hebden Bridge


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