Community Rail Walks’ Programme

Lancashire Rail Rambler Committee organise and lead a programme of guided walks for the Clitheroe Line and East Lancashire Community Rail Partnership from the Preston/Colne, Clitheroe/Bolton and Preston/Burnley/Todmorden rail lines.

A printed Guided Walks’ Programme is available from manned stations. A copy of the Community Rail Walks’ Programme can be viewed using the link below:

One of our leaders will meet the party at the station at the starting point of each walk.

Next Community Rail Walk: Wednesday, September 26th

Starting Point: Blackburn Station at 11.09 after the arrival of trains from Preston, Colne & Bolton

Distance: 8 miles easy

Route: Blackburn, Corporation Park, Golf Course, Billinge Scar, Arley Farm, Lodge Wood, Wallbanks House, Close Farm, Tallentine Farm, Hoghton Bottoms Viaduct, Hillocks Farm, Feniscowles, Pleasington Sta.

Travel Arrangements: From Preston catch the 09.57 (Colne)train which stops at all stations to Blackburn arriving at 10.23 or catch the express (Leeds) train at 10.47 which stops only at Blackburn at 11.03. From Colne catch the 10.11 train which stops all stations to Blackburn arriving at 10.53. From Bolton catch the 10.32 train which stops all stations excet Entwistle and arrives at Blackburn at 11.03.

Booking Arrangements: Book a Day Return to either Blackburn or Pleasington depending upon which is further from your orininating station.

NB: Visit for details of the full programme of Community Rail Walks or dowload the full programme at:














































































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